Predata builds predictive analytics software. We are helping political analysts gain new insights by leveraging advanced machine learning techniques on the vast amount of social media metadata. As the primary designer, I wore many hats and worked across product, UX/UI, and marketing design.

Design Projects


The dashboard allows analysts to create custom regional monitors for clients who need to view trends over multiple signal sets while also being able to drill down into signal drivers.

Predata Dashboard

Backtesting Tool

To assist analysts in creating trading signals, a backtesting tool was designed to replicate a process used by analysts to find relationships between signal trends and asset prices and simulate trading outcomes.



Analysts can customize alerting schedules that send email alerts when signals exceed preset thresholds.


Topic Building Workflow

Political risk signals are created and vetted by analysts using open source online meta datasets and further augmented by machine learned data science methods. When a topic is built comprehensively, a signal representing country level political volatility can be generated.

Predata Dashboard - Signal Context

Research Hub

Analysts use data signals combined with fundamental analysis to write research articles that provide greater insight into political events and their potential impact on financial markets. We created a tiered subscription-based CMS for research content in a 2-week design and implementation sprint.

Marketing Materials

I also worked with sales and marketing to revamp our public-facing and marketing collateral including the website, emails, and client presentations.

  • Company: Predata
  • Role: Designer
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