I am a UX product designer, researcher, design thinker, team (cheer)leader, and a life-long student. I love movement, messy unfinished things, and can play tetris for a frighteningly long period of time.

Design for me is about reframing, co-creating, and articulating values-based experiences that have emotional resonance.

My career orientation is around using design methods to build technology, products and services that contribute to a more equitable, meaning-driven future. I currently lead a team designing supply chain tooling at Amazon groceries. Previously, I was an Associate Design Director at McKinsey. I have also been a Design Strategy Fellow at Dalberg Design, a Human Capital Consultant at Deloitte, and a freelance designer working with social enterprise startups and film companies.

I keep updated  These are some important ideas that have influenced me, things I have tried to articulate through words, and some things I have worked on. If any of it resonates with you, please reach out to say hello.